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About ‘Coremediah Entertainment’
Featured: Meet the Team

Coremediah is coined from two words, the former; Core, and the latter; Mediah. Core refers to the most important part of a thing; the essence and media(h) refers to the means and institutions for publishing and broadcasting information.

Coremediah is a media organisation that is concerned with the dissemination of interesting and important information. A media organisation that takes hold/create information and ensures the absolute dissemination of such information to the general public.

Here in Coremediah, we offer services like: Tour-Coverage, Red-Carpet hosting, blogging, hosting talk-shows, developing fashion sense, promoting young initiators and basically ensuring that news, hot and undiluted, gets to your finger tips.

Different media have been created in order to fulfill all of these aforementioned functions. the Zenith amongst them all is the newly developed website; www.coremediah.com which is an umbrella for all the functions.


Meet the Team

Name: Anthanson
Nickname: Eniola
Position: Blogger

Name: Ayomitide Oyinkansola
Nickname: hoyeen
Position: Comepré

Name: Peter Edidiong
Nickname: Eddie
Position: Comperé

Name: Adisa Rebbeca
Nickname: Beca
Position: Welfare, Blogger

Name: Afuye Mercy
Nickname: Mz Iffie
Position: Head of Welfare Department, Blogger, Comperé

Name: Uba Chiamaka
Nickname: prettymak
Position: Secretary General

Name: Adebiyi Adejoke M.
Nickname: JayKay
Position: P.A to CEO and HOD Tech Unit 1

Name: Tade Afonja
Nickname: Tade
Position: Financial Secretary, HOD Tech2 and Logistics, Comperé

Name: Oladosu Opeyemi K
Nickname: Pizzy
Position: Publicity Manager

Name: Falade Jesutofunmi A.
Nickname: HFally
Position: Chief Executive Officer, ICT Consultant

Name: Falade Olufunmilola J.
Nickname: janefals
Position: Vice Chairperson

Name: Omodugba Joy U.
Nickname: Ujay
Position: Chairperson, Founder













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