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PHEROWSHUZ : Is he the Most UNDERRATED ? (David Sean)

It took me days and hours, searching and surfing for the sake of that special Rapper that has being denied Enough props, The only special Rapper among the Special rappers which I definitely know that has been denied Enough props and he is actually better than what people think he is, so I took my Ink and my scroll to write about Pherowshuz.

Pherowshuz is a Nigerian Rapper that has two Mixtapes and One Album to his catalogue, this special Rapper poses threat to the industry anytime he drops his 16 but he is barely known and heard, sometimes I just blame this veteran for not being able to find his way to the Top,(Now as an upcoming rapper do I need to say this???), but the fact lies, Pherowshuz aka Phero the god spits venom, his Punchlines are always top Notch,wordplays are always unmatched, his metaphors, simile and Rhyme Scheme are wonderful, but you may say: "but all this does not make a good rapper" then what makes a good rapper ??. Talking of Lyricism and Poetry, Actually he might not be really going far down in Lyricism but Lyrically he has been able to spit Bars and Bars that are detrimental but I just don't know what is wrong, Phero is denied everyday, I wonder why everyone is playing Peter to Phero and he keeps acting the Jesus. 

At this point I know you'll be like, I've heard Pherowshuz before he his Lyrically trying, he spit bars but - Hell No, he is not trying, he is Dope! No wonder NDLEA declared him wanted, Pherowshuz is Lyrically Prowess, this same rapper has alot of Punchlines and heavy knocks than most of your favorite Rappers , but we are sleeping on him and he is sleeping on himself. 

Sire I know you as a Rapper and you're also a producer(and it makes it easier), we all understand the game that hip-hop isn't appreciated but to some of us you happen to be the favorite, you inspire us and you touch lives, we need you to keep spitting and baptising, we don't wanna see another Phenom and to every Hip-Hop Head that has been sleeping on Pherowshuz Wake up ! Wake up !!, he said it before that he is a Bed of nails he can't be slept on.

In Conclusion I believe Pherowshuz is not the Most underrated but he is definitely one of the Most Underrated in the game and to the Hip-Hop Heads, Wake up it's Time you start pushing, Preaching and Supporting your Favorites, if any Artiste or entertainer ever Touched your life with the plus sign then Touch him Too so he can remain on Top of his Game , my Inks stops here and as soon as I get More I will be getting in touch .

DIsclaimer: This article was written and compiled by the writer, this website does not own any of this article ,any form of complaint and info should be forwarded to the writer via the following means

E-mail : seanaviedoh@gmail.com

Twitter and IG : @itsdavidsean

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