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Only Human(god among Peasants) - David Sean

If I was the Only Human On Earth 
Perfection will be Attained
I’ll be the Greatest right From Birth
Flaws will be never be a Stain.

I’m not human, I’m a god with Glory
I’m among the Few God’s Engineering,
Ain’t one among the imperfect gods Prolly ;
Based on critics and Flaws Fishing,

They nail the Righteous and protect  being Wrong 
The veil the vicious and distant the Gracious 
All this been Pass  from Generation Long
That made it last in the West like Yeezus .

In a world where Love and Truth lost His Defender 
Where everyone is Pressured to be an Offender 
Truth got Divided now in different Gender 
But I’ll rather Be a Sinner than a Pretender,

How will I survive in this Cold World ?
Where reality hereby turns to unspoken Word;
All I see is Negativity and No Reality 
Love and Truth what rules is Lie and Enmity. 

This is My Life, I chose to be Different 
I’m above you all, Above being Coherent 
Different from you all I’ve chosen to be AbNormal 
Abnormalities making me the Only Human 

Angelic by Choice I’m created from Mud
The Only Human which is a living small god
I made my own Path, it’s of unequal Length 
Different from your ways I’m God sent. 


And on this Road I Toil, thread and March
Ain’t an Agent of Change but I’m just Me
Perfect in Perfection no one is my Match
Only Human, god among Peasants, i foresee more than they See

Written by : David Sean (abNormal POET) 2017 

Scriptwriter, Rapper, Poet and Music Maker 



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Comments (2)



Nice one bro 🔥🔥💯💯..keep it up, my favourite line is : "But I’ll rather Be a Sinner than a Pretender"..




Nice one man





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